Why are Magento eCommerce platforms considered to be the most popular today?

Why are Magento eCommerce platforms considered to be the most popular today amongst all of the ecommerce platforms that are in existence, and so many websites owners are looking for Magento support?

What makes these platforms so special?

There is just no debate about it that of all the ecommerce platforms that are now present, Magento is extremely popular for web development and is definitely the best. But what is the reason for this?
One of the reasons due to which this platform is considered to be very popular and also the very best is due to the fact that this platform is of the open-source kind. As such it has tremendous tractability and exemplary flexibility, just to state a couple of its many magnificent features. As a result, Magento has now become extremely dependable and a very strong solution for eCommerce.

Magento eCommerce platforms, why they are a choice with so many

Many eCommerce ventures are now opting to make use of Magento for the plain and simple reason that this platform offers the owner of the web store, total and precision control over all aspects of the online store. With the use of Magento, the store owner has no hindrances in the operations and the normal business flow and processes.
On an expanded front, with the use of Magento, an ecommerce store owner is capable of customizing the look of the store, designing the store, installing the store and even running the store, all alone.

So much on offer by Magento

With the use of this platform for an ecommerce store, there is an interface that is created that makes for smooth functioning between customers and the online store. Plus, a store of this kind has everything needed by an ecommerce store, such as: payment gateways, feedback, analytics and so much more.
And there is also the facility for the integration of various advanced modules in the store such as: the ability to monitor orders, the capability to follow up on orders, shipment and delivery of orders, multi-store management and so much more.
Little wonder then that Magento eCommerce platforms are so popular today.