The term Custom Websites sounds rather overwhelming

The term Custom Websites (with custom Magento extension development for Magento Ecommerce) sounds rather overwhelming, but is it really so and what exactly are such websites?

Why the need for such websites?

In a world of clutter and millions of websites and blogs, there is a strong need to stand out from the rest. Standing out from the competition is the first step to making people sit up and take notice. And the best way to stand out of the crowd is by having a website that is noticeable.
Thus, instead of getting a site that is ready to use, it makes more sense to order a site and get it custom made. For instance if you were a local store selling burgers and fries, you could have a website that is custom made to have pictures of burgers and fries on it. In this way you would be creating a site that is unique and distinctively noticeable from all the other sites in the locality.

Thus the need for Custom Websites

Thus, there is a big need for a website that is custom made and any business person would realize this. Also, most people who want to set up websites or blogs have no idea how to go about things and thus there is a need for them to speak to a professional or a company and get the job done.
In this way, the professional or the company would be setting up a website that is custom built as per the needs of the owner. There is a big demand and a big need for such custom sites as these sites stand out from sites that are ready to use.

The drawback?

Perhaps the biggest drawback with a site that has been custom built is that it is not easy to maintain. But, this can always be overcome by hiring the services of a professional to take care of all the needs of maintaining and running Custom Websites.

Web Development is a common term used all over the world

Web Development is a common term used all over the world today by people of all ages.

But it was not always so

The concept of development of websites is now common all over the world and even kids can do the same. But it was not always the case and there was a time not so long ago when such a concept was totally alien. In the olden days this was something that was totally uncommon and people used to stay away from it as it was thought of as something that required a professional degree or at least some kind of course, to get the job done.
Development of websites is now a very general term that is made use of for any kind of development work that needs to be carried out on the Internet.

Web Development was very hot in the 90s

In the middle of the 90s, development for the World Wide Web was one of the largest industries all over the world – this was a time that was seen as a boom of the internet and there were all kinds of ventures cropping up. But this boom soon fizzled out and for many people the .com dream did not materialize.
But though the internet boom did not boom, it has not stopped people from pursuing their dreams of making it big via the internet. This is clearly indicative from the fact that in the year of 1995 there were 1000 companies who were into the field of developing websites and internet related stuff.

But the number has increased and continues to do so

In the year 2012 this number rose to over 100000 and it is expected to rise even higher with each passing year. Thus it is clearly evident that there is a big demand for such services.
This demand is only due to the fact that there are a large number of people who are coming online with each passing day, as they know that there is a very strong chance of them realizing a dream of making big time money online. As long as people continue to pursue this dream, there will always be a big demand for Web Development.