There are too many different hosting providers available today

There are many different hosting providers available today and it is best you know about them before you purchase your hosting plan for your magento ecommerce website.

Web Hosting is vital for success

Yes, today if you are a small biz owner or whether you open a big corporate, it is important that you have a good web host. The kind of hosting that you get is definitely going to determine the kind of success (or failure your online presence will meet!).
And because hosting is so very important to a company or an individual, it is to this end that there are various web services providers who now offer a whole host of solutions with regards to hosting.

Why the different hosting providers?

By offering various hosting plans, these service providers of hosting are thus catering to the different needs of different people who run various kinds of websites. The general rule is that there are 2 main kinds of hosting that can be got – one is the free kind and the other one is the type that has to be paid for.
Free hosting is good as it comes with no price tag but it is really only good for any newbie who has no idea about what they want to do online. Free hosting is definitely not for a big company or a serious blogger or someone who wants to build an online empire or someone who wants to operate a successful small business.

Various paid solutions available

When it comes to paid hosting, there are various solutions that are available and these include the likes of: Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and quite a few others.
If someone is looking for a cheap solution to hosting a website or blog, even that is available in the form of a shared server – over here there are many users who will share the resources of the very same server. But on the other hand there are also various exclusive, but expensive hosting solutions that are available. Thus it is clearly seen that there are different hosting providers that are in the market today.