WordPress and Magento are the best of the best websites platforms

WordPress is the best of the best websites platforms while Magento is the best for Magento ecommerce development, but why is this so, have you ever stopped to wonder?

So many website building platforms: Magento or WP?

Yes it is very true that there are so many platforms available to build websites today. You would very easily be able to get quite a few options that are totally out of the box and you can just plug and play them, plus there are many much more sophisticated choices that are also available when it boils down to building websites.
So when there are so many choices available to build websites, what is it that has made WordPress so extremely popular?

Why WordPress has a tremendous advantage over other websites platforms

When anyone wants to build a website or a blog, the cost factor is always very important (unless the person is rich of course!) Thus as the cost factor plays a major role in building websites, WordPress comes up trumps with people looking for a cost effective solution to building websites.
WordPress has been designed and structured in such a manner that the cost of setting up and running a website or blog that has been created with WordPress is much lower as compared to the use of some other platform being used to create a website.

The many advantages of using WordPress

There are also a great variety and thousands of templates available for use with WordPress – these range from templates for personal blogging to corporate websites. And the best part is that most of these templates are available for free. Plus if you want to make these templates look even more unique and you have no knowledge of coding, then you can always hire the services of someone to get the job done for you.
Also, unlike with other platforms used to build websites, the knowledge of programming that is required to build a WordPress site or blog is the absolute minimal – almost anyone can do a blog or website by using WordPress. No wonder it is said to be the best of the best websites platforms.