Artist Making a Career Out of Custom Sneaker Design

Blake Baresh, a former credit analyst from Irvine, California, following the contemporary trend in using online design software, made a brave decision to leave his job in order to take on a job as an artist, painting custom shoe designs onto sneakers. Barash has always had an interest in art, and was enthusiastic about painting and woodwork.
He made the career change after seeing an advertisement on Craigslist which said that Toms, a shoe company, was looking for artists who would be willing to travel to events around the company and paint custom designs on canvas shoes.
After spending a year painting canvas shoes for Toms, he decided to break away from the company and open his own shop dedicated to custom painted shoes. The company, called B Street Shoes, sells its products via Etsy, and has been performing incredibly well.
Barash went solo in 2011, and B Street Shoes grossed $60,000 in its first year of trading. What sets the company apart from other shoe painters is that every design is completely unique, and that customers have the option of making their own specific requests. A customer can have as much or as little input as they like into the design of the shoes that they buy.

Custom Sneaker Design

Custom Sneaker Design

The business is still thriving, several years on, and shows exactly how much potential custom products have. Community based e-commerce sites for artisan al product makers are a powerful channel that allows consumers to communicate with brand owners and get the products they want, from smaller retailers that they trust.
Barash explained that most of his customers come to him through word of mouth. People find out about his products via Facebook and Instagram. When Barash posts a picture of his latest she designs on his social media profile, customers tag their friends and then that’s where the next order comes from. This viral growth would not have been possible even as recently as 20 years ago.

Collaborative and Multivariate Approaches to Product Design

In an earlier post at other blogs we looked at common issues facing product designers. Finding the balance between giving customers the option to get the custom product that they want and ensuring that they get it in a timely fashion is not always easy. Online custom design tools are OK for basic products, but when the customer wants something more unusual, it is harder to meet their needs.

A Framework for Custom Design

Designers that offer high-end custom products are moving towards a focused framework for custom product design that takes into account the needs of the customer, the specifications as they are expressed, and the value of the product from a supplier-focused point of view. They take the stance that most consumers are looking for the best balance between price and performance, and use a multi-attribute approach to negotiating the design, collaborating with customers along the way.
One of the best examples of this kind of practice is booklet printing companies that offer a proofing and checking service as a part of the printing process. They provide basic guidance on things like colors, margins and page layouts, and then allow users to design their own products. When the user submits the product for printing, the company will look at it to check basic things such as:
• Whether print will bleed across the margins
• Whether ink will bleed in images
• Whether the images provided for printing are an appropriate resolution for the size they are to be printed at
• The orientation of the pages – will the pages show in the right order when the user reads the book?
The printers do not take into account spelling, punctuation or grammar. Nor do they consider the subjective aspects of design, but they do take the trouble to ensure that users get a printed booklet that is functionally correct, and that any flaws were in “what the customer asked for” rather than caused by a failure to understand how the printing process works.
This service is becoming increasingly common, and is making the world of custom product design far more accessible to end users.

Why are Magento eCommerce platforms considered to be the most popular today?

Why are Magento eCommerce platforms considered to be the most popular today amongst all of the ecommerce platforms that are in existence, and so many websites owners are looking for Magento support?

What makes these platforms so special?

There is just no debate about it that of all the ecommerce platforms that are now present, Magento is extremely popular for web development and is definitely the best. But what is the reason for this?
One of the reasons due to which this platform is considered to be very popular and also the very best is due to the fact that this platform is of the open-source kind. As such it has tremendous tractability and exemplary flexibility, just to state a couple of its many magnificent features. As a result, Magento has now become extremely dependable and a very strong solution for eCommerce.

Magento eCommerce platforms, why they are a choice with so many

Many eCommerce ventures are now opting to make use of Magento for the plain and simple reason that this platform offers the owner of the web store, total and precision control over all aspects of the online store. With the use of Magento, the store owner has no hindrances in the operations and the normal business flow and processes.
On an expanded front, with the use of Magento, an ecommerce store owner is capable of customizing the look of the store, designing the store, installing the store and even running the store, all alone.

So much on offer by Magento

With the use of this platform for an ecommerce store, there is an interface that is created that makes for smooth functioning between customers and the online store. Plus, a store of this kind has everything needed by an ecommerce store, such as: payment gateways, feedback, analytics and so much more.
And there is also the facility for the integration of various advanced modules in the store such as: the ability to monitor orders, the capability to follow up on orders, shipment and delivery of orders, multi-store management and so much more.
Little wonder then that Magento eCommerce platforms are so popular today.

The term Custom Websites sounds rather overwhelming

The term Custom Websites (with custom Magento extension development for Magento Ecommerce) sounds rather overwhelming, but is it really so and what exactly are such websites?

Why the need for such websites?

In a world of clutter and millions of websites and blogs, there is a strong need to stand out from the rest. Standing out from the competition is the first step to making people sit up and take notice. And the best way to stand out of the crowd is by having a website that is noticeable.
Thus, instead of getting a site that is ready to use, it makes more sense to order a site and get it custom made. For instance if you were a local store selling burgers and fries, you could have a website that is custom made to have pictures of burgers and fries on it. In this way you would be creating a site that is unique and distinctively noticeable from all the other sites in the locality.

Thus the need for Custom Websites

Thus, there is a big need for a website that is custom made and any business person would realize this. Also, most people who want to set up websites or blogs have no idea how to go about things and thus there is a need for them to speak to a professional or a company and get the job done.
In this way, the professional or the company would be setting up a website that is custom built as per the needs of the owner. There is a big demand and a big need for such custom sites as these sites stand out from sites that are ready to use.

The drawback?

Perhaps the biggest drawback with a site that has been custom built is that it is not easy to maintain. But, this can always be overcome by hiring the services of a professional to take care of all the needs of maintaining and running Custom Websites.

Blogging Platforms are of various types and you would be easily able to blog

Blogging Platforms using by web development companies are of various types and you would be easily able to blog by using almost any or all of the platforms

If you want to develop a blog

But you are not sure of how you can go about blogging, then it is easier than you think. Look at it in this way, just like you can use a pen and a paper and some colored pencils to write and draw, in the same way you can blog about anything in the world.
Blogging is definitely a great way for you to connect with other people who have the same interests as you do. In fact because of blogs and blogging, the way people connect and interact with each other has now changed. And more, it is even possible for you to make money by blogging.

So what are the Blogging Platforms available?

One of the easiest ways to blog is by using Blogger. This is owned by Google and this is a very simple but very powerful platform to use for a blog. There are many awesome features that you will get with this service, inclusive of the ability to set up a free blog. With this platform you will get all kinds of templates, making it just ideal for you, whether you want to blog on a personal note or on a professional front. Also it is very easy to sign up for such a service, all you have to do is sign up for it by making use of one of your existing Google services such as your Gmail account.
Another cool platform to blog is WordPress. Here too you have the option of setting up a free blog or a paid one. There are all kinds of plug-ins that are available with WordPress and in this way you can do almost anything that you wish with your blog. Of course, this platform has been created for bloggers who are very serious about their blog and what they want to blog about.
There are also various other Blogging Platforms that are in use such as Tumblr, LiveJournal, etc.

Web Development is a common term used all over the world

Web Development is a common term used all over the world today by people of all ages.

But it was not always so

The concept of development of websites is now common all over the world and even kids can do the same. But it was not always the case and there was a time not so long ago when such a concept was totally alien. In the olden days this was something that was totally uncommon and people used to stay away from it as it was thought of as something that required a professional degree or at least some kind of course, to get the job done.
Development of websites is now a very general term that is made use of for any kind of development work that needs to be carried out on the Internet.

Web Development was very hot in the 90s

In the middle of the 90s, development for the World Wide Web was one of the largest industries all over the world – this was a time that was seen as a boom of the internet and there were all kinds of ventures cropping up. But this boom soon fizzled out and for many people the .com dream did not materialize.
But though the internet boom did not boom, it has not stopped people from pursuing their dreams of making it big via the internet. This is clearly indicative from the fact that in the year of 1995 there were 1000 companies who were into the field of developing websites and internet related stuff.

But the number has increased and continues to do so

In the year 2012 this number rose to over 100000 and it is expected to rise even higher with each passing year. Thus it is clearly evident that there is a big demand for such services.
This demand is only due to the fact that there are a large number of people who are coming online with each passing day, as they know that there is a very strong chance of them realizing a dream of making big time money online. As long as people continue to pursue this dream, there will always be a big demand for Web Development.

Does web programmer can be got at a low cost by anyone

A web programmer or web developer can be got at a low cost by anyone who needs programming done but does not know how to do the job.

Redefining the concept of low cost web programming

In the world that we now live in, if you need something done and you do not know how to do it on your own, there really is no cause for alarm. All you need to do is get the job outsourced. Thus is the case with programming.
A programmer will discuss your needs for programming and in this way the programmer will be able to interpret all your needs for web programming and come up with a solution for your needs. It is thus the job of such a professional to ensure that the requirements of the end user are met by coming up with a system that is fully functional and runs without any flaws.

A web programmer will do any program for you

Whether you want a system for making stock trades or a system for buying travel related tickets online or a system for ordering all kinds of products and services online or any other kind of system that needs to be programmed, you can get a professional to do this programming for you.
And the best part is that you would be able to get such programming services at a very cheap price. In fact the low price at which you can get a job done now is almost as good as unbelievable and there are many reasons due to which these programmers are now available at cheap rates.

High level of competition

The major reason for which it is now possible to get programming done cheaply is because there are so many people offering their services from all over the globe and these programmers can easily be found on many websites.
Thus as there are so many websites and so many people offering this web programming service, there is high competition to compete to get the same order and so it is now possible to get a web programmer dirt cheap.

Tough figuring out which Ecommerce website platform is the best one for you?

Tough figuring out is the Magento Ecommerce Solutions is the best one for you or is it simply that you do not know what is available for you?

It is important that you get it right

It is really vital that you set up nothing but the right ecommerce system to make sure of the success of your online venture. After all, if you are not successful in selling your products or services or both as the case may be, then you are just not going to be a success online.
The truth is that there are so many different kinds of website’s platforms that are available today, but of course as is the case with almost anything in life, they all have their own pros and cons.

Getting the right Ecommerce website platform for your business

No matter what the pros and cons, you have to thus be able to determine which of these platforms for Ecommerce is best suited for you to be able to run a successful business. When choosing such a platform you should keep in mind the fact that you should very easily be able to add your products or services (or both) and you should also be sure that you will be able to manage your shop with ease.
One of the simplest, the best and the most widely used is the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin. With this easy to install plugin you would thus very easily be able to sell all kinds of products and services via your WordPress blog or website.

How do you install the plug in?

Just download it and then just simply install it in the folder for your WordPress plugins. After that the next thing you do is just activate the plugin from your dashboard and there you are, you are all set for action. You would be delighted to find that it comes with many features such as voucher code generators and multiple payment gateway options.
There you go, you now know which Ecommerce website platform is best for you.

There are too many different hosting providers available today

There are many different hosting providers available today and it is best you know about them before you purchase your hosting plan for your magento ecommerce website.

Web Hosting is vital for success

Yes, today if you are a small biz owner or whether you open a big corporate, it is important that you have a good web host. The kind of hosting that you get is definitely going to determine the kind of success (or failure your online presence will meet!).
And because hosting is so very important to a company or an individual, it is to this end that there are various web services providers who now offer a whole host of solutions with regards to hosting.

Why the different hosting providers?

By offering various hosting plans, these service providers of hosting are thus catering to the different needs of different people who run various kinds of websites. The general rule is that there are 2 main kinds of hosting that can be got – one is the free kind and the other one is the type that has to be paid for.
Free hosting is good as it comes with no price tag but it is really only good for any newbie who has no idea about what they want to do online. Free hosting is definitely not for a big company or a serious blogger or someone who wants to build an online empire or someone who wants to operate a successful small business.

Various paid solutions available

When it comes to paid hosting, there are various solutions that are available and these include the likes of: Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and quite a few others.
If someone is looking for a cheap solution to hosting a website or blog, even that is available in the form of a shared server – over here there are many users who will share the resources of the very same server. But on the other hand there are also various exclusive, but expensive hosting solutions that are available. Thus it is clearly seen that there are different hosting providers that are in the market today.

WordPress and Magento are the best of the best websites platforms

WordPress is the best of the best websites platforms while Magento is the best for Magento ecommerce development, but why is this so, have you ever stopped to wonder?

So many website building platforms: Magento or WP?

Yes it is very true that there are so many platforms available to build websites today. You would very easily be able to get quite a few options that are totally out of the box and you can just plug and play them, plus there are many much more sophisticated choices that are also available when it boils down to building websites.
So when there are so many choices available to build websites, what is it that has made WordPress so extremely popular?

Why WordPress has a tremendous advantage over other websites platforms

When anyone wants to build a website or a blog, the cost factor is always very important (unless the person is rich of course!) Thus as the cost factor plays a major role in building websites, WordPress comes up trumps with people looking for a cost effective solution to building websites.
WordPress has been designed and structured in such a manner that the cost of setting up and running a website or blog that has been created with WordPress is much lower as compared to the use of some other platform being used to create a website.

The many advantages of using WordPress

There are also a great variety and thousands of templates available for use with WordPress – these range from templates for personal blogging to corporate websites. And the best part is that most of these templates are available for free. Plus if you want to make these templates look even more unique and you have no knowledge of coding, then you can always hire the services of someone to get the job done for you.
Also, unlike with other platforms used to build websites, the knowledge of programming that is required to build a WordPress site or blog is the absolute minimal – almost anyone can do a blog or website by using WordPress. No wonder it is said to be the best of the best websites platforms.